PHARMALACT®  200M is finely milled α-lactose monohydrate powder meticulously manufactured by Pfeisinger GmbH. This product, defined by its 200-mesh particle size, redefines excellence in tablet manufacturing through optimal compaction and blending properties.

PHARMALACT® 200M, with its precisely ground lactose particles, is the preferred choice for both wet and dry granulation technologies. Its fine texture ensures uniform distribution and precise dosing of active pharmaceutical ingredients in tablet and capsule production.

Beyond pharmaceuticals, this fine lactose powder finds utility in the food industry, particularly in specialized applications like dry mixes and bakery products, where even distribution of lactose particles is crucial.

Lactose 200 Mesh PHARMALACT


PHARMALACT® 80M, a coarse free-flowing powder of α-lactose monohydrate, is designed with larger particle sizes to pass through a sieve with 80 openings per linear inch. Its Tomahawk-shaped particles result from a sieving process, providing a coarse powder with excellent flowability and a narrow particle size distribution. This lactose variant finds frequent application in capsules and sachets formulations.

In the food industry, PHARMALACT® 80M is a preferred choice for applications requiring enhanced flow properties, such as the production of confections, powdered beverages, and various dry blends. Beyond the food sector, its utility extends to industrial applications where flowability and bulk density play a crucial role in optimizing processes. Trust PHARMALACT 80M for superior performance in formulations that demand precision and reliable flow characteristics.


PHARMALACT® 21 AN stands as a distinctive anhydrous lactose variant, presenting itself in the form of white to off-white crystalline particles or powder. Comprising 70–80% anhydrous β-lactose and 20–30% anhydrous α-lactose, this dehydrated form of milk sugar holds significance in both pharmaceutical and food applications.

In the pharmaceutical realm, PHARMALACT® 21 AN acts as a versatile excipient, contributing to the mechanical stability and disintegration properties of oral solid dosage forms. Its role extends to tablet and capsule production, allowing for the precise dosing of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Meanwhile, within the food industry, it serves as a functional component, functioning as a bulking agent, sweetening agent, or texturizing agent in various products like powdered beverages, confections, and baked goods.

Manufactured through controlled drying methods, PHARMALACT® 21 AN emerges as a fine, white powder with superior stability and reduced susceptibility to caking. Despite its advantageous properties, it is crucial to note that individuals with lactose intolerance should exercise caution due to its retained lactose content. In pharmaceutical formulations, it is employed as a directly compressible tablet excipient, dry powder inhaler carrier, lyophilization aid, diluent, filler, and binder for tablets and capsules.


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PHARMALACT® , a registered mark by Pfeisinger GmbH, is synonymous with unparalleled excellence in lactose-based solutions. Crafted under the precision of German manufacturing, our portfolio includes flagship products like PHARMALACT® 200M, 80M, and 21AN, setting industry benchmarks for quality and purity. Trusted globally, PHARMALACT's commitment to innovation ensures that your formulations benefit from cutting-edge lactose solutions, making us the go-to choice in Europe, MENA, North America, and beyond. Choose PHARMALACT® for a transformative journey where each product reflects our dedication to elevating the essence of your formulations through superior lactose excellence


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